Private and public partnership
Public works and public services concessions
General contractor
Public-private company


Italian and English

Sphere of activity

Is specialized in various forms of private and public partnership, regulated by EU and national directives: public works and public services concessions, general contractor, public-private company, leasing  etc.

Advises companies in: public and private partnership projects from the sponsors’ point of view; constitution of joint ventures for the participation on public tenders; SPV incorporation and shareholders agreement, drafting of security packaging and term sheet negotiation.

She is a consultant in public and private partnership projects for highways authorities, leading groups in the Italian construction industry and leading groups in the utilities sector. Previously, Roberta worked for an international consulting group, where she was appointed to important assignments both for the Ministry of Public Works and the City of Rome, mainly related to infrastructure project finance in the public transportation sector.


  • Law degree from L.U.I.S.S. of Rome in 1991
  • Member of the Bologna Bar.