The firm provides assistance in all matters concerning food and wine law, with a dedicated department coordinated by the lawyer Marco Zichittella. Companies in the Food & Beverage industry will receive specific legal advice as well as technical and scientific assistance thanks to our solid network of professionals, thus all possible compliance issues with Italian and European Union legislation can be managed with our support.

With a pragmatic approach, we work together with our customers and provide them assistance on any food and wine law matters, including: food safety; labels, labeling and advertising; regulatory affairs; new product development; quality schemes (organic, PDO, PGI, etc.) and protection of designations of origin against counterfeiting; intellectual property (e.g. trademarks, industrial secret and copyright); unfair competition; fraud prevention; food supplements; litigation (appeal of orders, requests for release from seizure, defense in criminal proceedings, Antitrust proceedings, etc.) and innovative projects (novel food, blockchain, token, etc.).