The firm’s banking and financial services practice extends to a wide area of banking and finance law, including:

  • corporate and commercial lending and securitised financing;
  • receivables financing, equipment leasing and sale and leaseback transactions;
  • trade and export finance lending;
  • performance bonds, guarantees, and letters of credit;
  • forfaiting and discounting transactions and documentation (the firm has particular expertise in innovative transactions involving assignments of credits and the raising of finance);
  • asset and project financing, investment funds;
  • restructuring and transfer of financial debts and loans.

The firm has been assisting credit institutions and factoring companies for years, dealing in particular with the draft of standard forms of contract (and the general contractual terms and conditions attached thereto), for istance with regard to the following types of operations: opening lines of documentary credits, first demand guarantees, non-recourse discounting on letter of credit (both confirmed and unconfirmed), forfeiting with transfer of SACE’s insurance policy, non-recourse discounting of effects, forfeiting, post-financing import and post-financing export.

Lastly, we have recently assisted companies in listing on the AIM stock exchange.