We rely on the Natural Language technology of expert.ai in order to reduce time and improve work efficiency by automating, with maximum accuracy, the reading and comparison of texts and documents, thus ensuring greater efficiency and enhancing human capabilities.

In the pursuit of our goals, we made a major investment in artificial intelligence, choosing the natural language understanding and natural language processing capabilities of expert.ai with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the analysis and classification of legal documents, deeds, contracts and other types of legislative texts.

Indeed, the ability to manage routine activities and processes using artificial intelligence allows our lawyers and professionals to focus their attention and expertise on higher value-added activities, identifying, extracting and aggregating very specific information, such as clauses in contracts, from large volumes of text with consistency and precision.
Professions are evolving in a rapid way which requires law firms to face increasing investments in both people and in tools to make the sharing of knowledge and of know-how more accessible among professionals, in order to provide better and more timely services to clients, particularly in the commercial and international field”, said Simon Cartwright and Giacomo Pescatore, founding partners of the firm, who added how “the process of selecting artificial intelligence technology led us to evaluate for months the main services offered by the European market and, it is with great satisfaction, we found in an Italian company, expert.ai, the most advanced product with respect to our needs”.