The Commercial Law Firm Cartwright Pescatore stems from a twenty-year collaboration and acts for domestic companies and multinational corporations providing a wide range of legal services, in particular, in company and commercial, insolvency, banking and finance, giving extensive assistance in commercial litigation and arbitration matters, as also in the pre-litigation stage. The Law Firm aims to offer a timely, high quality and tailor-made service.

Most of our clients are leading companies and co-operative companies active both on the domestic and the international market, which have been relying on our firm for years to be provided with legal advices and assistance in disputes before national and foreign courts, thereby confirming our high degree of professionalism.

The Commercial Law Firm Cartwright Pescatore was founded by the two current partners who have been working together for over 20 years, thus guaranteeing a dynamic and efficient relationship, as well as long-standing expertise and experience in the firm’s main area of specialization.

Our specialization in international matters is guaranteed by the fact that the firm counts amongst its members 14 foreign mother tongue lawyers (English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Arabic), some of which are also qualified in jurisdictions other than Italy (United Kingdom, Argentina, Spain, USA and China), by a close network of lawyers in countries throughout the world and the ability to handle matters and supply our services in the above languages.

The selection of our collaborators is based on strict criteria which require high-level preparation and constant dedication to work.