In the framework of the collaboration started two years ago between Cartwright Pescatore and, Giacomo Pescatore is pleased to participate as a lecturer to the webinar of 28 March 2022 entitled “Contract Analytics: improving control on contractual obligations through artificial intelligence” during which the perspectives of artificial intelligence in the legal activity will be…

We would like to thank ELSA Bologna, with which we are always pleased to exchange views, especially to talk about the future, even and above all in particular times like the ones we are living. We look forward to seeing you on 28 March 2022 at the Sala Armi and Sala Feste of Palazzo Malvezzi…

A comment on judgment No. 12994 of 15 May 2019 of the Italian Court of Cassation. Il credito del socio finanziatore di una società di capitali non è esigibile fino a quando non sia superata la situazione prevista dall’art. 2467, comma 2, c.c. []

Prof. Avv. Pola Manes will participate at the Winter School 2022 dedicated to young Italian maxillo-facial surgeons. An event focused on practice and hands-on sessions for a full-time week, with also fascinating encroachments in related territories such as Human Anatomy and accompanied by keynotes of great interest on Artificial Intelligence and innovative materials. For further…

On 8 March, Professor Paola Manes will present the new book by Luciano Floridi, “Etica dell’Intelligenza artificiale”, to be published on 3 March by Raffaello Cortina editore. In the flyer you can find the link to participate to said event. Conversazioni…..8 marzo 2022

A comment on judgement No. 561 of 17 January 2022 of the civil section of the Court of Rome. Perdita di valore della partecipazione societaria per fatto illecito di terzi: il risarcimento del danno spetta solo alla società e non anche ai soci (

In this video, we propose an in-depth analysis by our Eleonora Giacometti as regards the economic imbalance of contracts whose performance is prolonged in time following the recent increases in energy prices, as well as the remedies applicable to supply contracts according to the Italian legal system.

A comment on judgment No. 6391 of 18 February 2021 of the Criminal Division of the Italian Court of Cassation. Il principio di sussidiarietà nel sequestro preventivo finalizzato alla confisca per equivalente (

The recent increases of prices in raw materials and the cost of electricity and gas have been the focus of academic opinion and case law on the issue of the unforeseeable economic imbalance in contracts which provide for performance over a period of time (“enduring contracts”).Indeed, it is evident that such enormous increases in production…

A comment on judgment of 3 January 2022 of the Court of Ravenna. Controversia avente ad oggetto il pagamento del compenso dell’amministratore: perché è competente la sezione specializzata in materia di impresa? []

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