Prof. Paola Manes is the author of a contribution in the editing of this interesting and detailed publication published by Giappichelli and edited by Prof. Ugo Ruffolo. The volume collects the writings of a multifaceted group of professionals, dealing with many facets of law in the field of artificial intelligence.

“The law of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is on its way to becoming an autonomous discipline, with a high interdisciplinary vocation among the legal sciences, a particular consideration of ethical profiles and a high openness to dialogue with other knowledges. The aim of this volume is to contribute to this, with contributions from academics (twenty-four full professors of various disciplines in nine different universities), business leaders of emblematic (IMA) or sectoral (Vetrya) companies, and lawyers or top managers of representative realities (Google, Sace, Unipol). Essays written on the suggestion of a common experience: the cycle of seminars at the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna on “Artificial Intelligence and Law”, promoted by Luca Mezzetti and coordinated by Ugo Ruffolo and Andrea Amidei. Not a mere “publication of the documents”, then, but a subsequent collection of papers arranged both in chapters (almost “textbook-like”) and in twenty-six ideal lessons. These range from the “what is” A.I. to ethical and constitutional profiles. And then to “electronic personality” and personal rights; human enhancement and privacy; contractual relations and “algorithmic” liability (with the case study of the autonomous vehicle); “illicit” – criminal and non-criminal – of the machine; algorithmic creations; credit scoring and insurance profiling; predictive justice and robotic judgements and measures; algorithmic corporate governance; fiscal leverage; data and competition; enterprise 4.0 and its effects on the world of work. And much more.”

XXVI Lezioni di Diritto AI

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