Cartwright Pescatore (Giacomo Pescatore, Alessia Casadio and Eleonora Giacometti), together with Giacomo Mazzanti, assisted Encore Combustion, a Texan full-service engineering, design, manufacturing and service focused upon providing innovative technology, unparalleled service and superior quality in the flaring and low emissions combustion arena to a wide range of industries (from those specialized in oil & gas production to those of bio-gas waste disposal, etc.) in the acquisition of a branch of the Milanese company Thermoengineering S.r.l., which for over 40 years has been supplying design, engineering, production and quality control of several types of advanced combustion systems for all applications required in the Oil & Gas industries and in the petrochemical fields.

The aim of the transaction for Encore Combustion is to become a global leader in the field of emission control solutions, with the aim of providing innovative technology in the flaring and low emissions combustion arena, combining its innovative capabilities with the knowledge and experience of Thermoengineering S.r.l.

Press Release – Acquisition of Thermoengineering


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